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Convict Sues Couple he Held Hostage
Convict Sues Couple he Held Hostage
Jesse Dimmick, 23, of Aurora, Colo., was on the run from police in 2009, for the September slaying of a Denver-area man, when he invaded the home of newlywed Kansas couple Jared and Lindsay Rowley, holding them hostage to evade searchers. The Rowleys waited until he fell asleep and escaped. Dimmick was captured and shot in the back when an officer's rifle accidentally discharged. He was convicted of the murder and other charges in May 2010 and is serving out an 11-year sentence. In September the Rowleys sued Dimmick for $75,000 for emotional distress resulting from the home invasion. Dimmick countersued for $235,000 for breach of "oral contract," claiming the couple had reneged on a mutual agreement to hide him in exchange for money, "As a result of the plaintiffs breech (sic) of contract, I, the defendant suffered a gunshot to my back, which almost killed me. The hospital bills alone are in excess of $160,000, which I have no way to pay." He's also suing the city of Topeka, Kan., for more than $75,000 for medical expense associated with the shooting.
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