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Bloody Satanic Sex
Bloody Satanic Sex
On November 6, 2001, Milwaukee police responded to a call about a possible stabbing. On arriving they found an Arizona man, 18, bleeding and covered with slashes and puncture wounds. The teen told police he had been bound, held captive and tortured for two days by two women he had met online. Police followed the trail of blood to the apartment of Rebecca Chandler (left), 22, who told them that they had been having consensual sex that "just got out of hand." According to the police warrant, Chandler blamed most of the cutting on her roommate, "Scarlett," who turned out to be Raven Larabee (right), 20, saying that she did not know Scarlett's real name, and that Scarlett was possibly involved in satanic occult activities. Police found numerous cutting instruments, lots of blood and a number of creepy books in the apartment, including: The Werewolf's Guide to Life, The Necromantic Ritual Rule Book and Intro to Sigilborne Spirits. The teen was taken to the hospital and treated for over 300 stab wounds. The Smoking Gun reports that he updated his Facebook status recently with one word: "stitches." The women, who have not been charged, are being held in custody on suspicion of reckless injury.

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