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Most Outrageous Bestiality Cases
An Ohio man was charged in June with two counts of animal cruelty for allegedly having sex with dogs, including his 3-year-old Shepherd mix named Terra. Authorities received an email tip that alleged Bower was involved in "bestiality, sexual conduct with an animal," said Richland County Dog Warden Dave Jordan. According to Jordan, the email included links to bestiality websites, as well as photographs of Bower engaged in sexual contact with three dogs and possibly a horse. A search of Bower's apartment allegedly revealed a bestiality book called Dearest Pet as well as a sign reading "Pets Welcome" and a large inflatable sheep. Neighbors told police that Bower had advertised dog walking and pet-sitting services around his apartment complex. Bower was also apparently involved in the "Furry fandom" community, where he was known as Krypto1701. His user profile on a "Furry" social networking website has been suspended since the arrest. Because Ohio has no bestiality law, Bower had to be charged with animal cruelty.
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