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The Pedophile Problem
Innovative Thinking
Innovative Thinking
James Dollins didn't have a million dollars, or a nifty seaplane to lure his victims, so he used a fake Facebook profile instead, posing as UVA co-ed Kelly Redkin, 19, he trolled Facebook for love, which is this case meant sex and nude photo exchanges with young boys who had no idea Redkin was a man. Dollins' racket only came to light when police were asked to investigate a 19 year old female who was asking a Louisa County, Va., woman's son, 13, to text nude photos of himself to her phone. Police quickly found out that the account actually belonged to Dollins, 42. He was initially charged with 2 counts of solicitation for child pornography, but at his July 2011 indictment, the jury saw fit to indict the Gordonsville, Va., man on 15 counts of electronically soliciting minors for sex and soliciting child pornography.

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