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Carolyn Condit
Carolyn Condit
When 23-year-old D.C. intern Chandra Levy (right) disappeared in May of 2001, all eyes were on Congressman Gary Condit. The California Democrat, (pictured at left with his wife Carolyn,) admitted to having been involved in an affair with Levy. Though Condit was not named a suspect in Levy's disappearance, police believed that he held information regarding her whereabouts. Levy's remains were discovered a year later in a wooded area outside of Washington, D.C. The coroner ruled her death a homicide, and in 2009 a prison inmate named Ingmar Guandique was charged with the murder.

Carolyn Condit remained by her husband's side throughout the ordeal. The Oklahoma native fought to clear her family's name. In early 2002, she filed a $10 million libel lawsuit against the National Enquirer, which published a story describing a phone confrontation between Condit and Levy, an event that never took place. The suit was settled in July 2003. Condit also sued USA Today for a similar story, but that suit was dismissed. In 2002 Condit demanded an apology from NBC for an episode of Law & Order in which a politician's aide disappears and the politician's wife is found to be the killer.

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