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Sharell Butler
Sharell Butler
In New York City, Sharell Butler, 15, stands accused of a gruesome gang-related double murder. The girl, a designer-loving fashion fan who is described as more "sophisticated" than many of her Bronx peers, allegedly went through the pockets of Christopher Umpierrie, 24, while he lay bleeding to death after being shot by one of Butler's friends. According to a police source, Butler was the one in charge, giving instructions to her three friends during the December 19, 2009 killing. On December 21, Butler, her friend and alleged lover Robert Pastore, 19, with two others allegedly stabbed 22-year-old John Drago nearly 50 times, cut his body into pieces, put it in garbage bags and left it in a pile of trash outside. During the second slaying, Butler allegedly cut her hand and left a lot of her own blood at the scene, police say. According to law enforcement, Pastore is affiliated with the Bloods gang, and that Butler's nickname, "Lady Red" indicates her affiliation as well. Butler was arrested at Pastore's house on December 27. Indicted on charges of murder and manslaughter and held without bail at a juvenile facility, Butler faces 10 years to life on each count.
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