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Melissa Todorovic
Melissa Todorovic
Referred to as a "puppet-master" by the judge, Toronto teen Melissa Todorovic received the harshest possible sentence for a first degree murder conviction in Canada. The 17-year-old was found guilty of persuading her boyfriend to murder 14-year-old Stefanie Rengel, who Todorovic believed was competing for the affections of her boyfriend. The two girls had never met. According to text messages and instant message sessions between Todorovic and her boyfriend submitted by the prosecution, Todorovic had spent months pressuring her boyfriend to kill Rengel, using blackmail and other tactics. The killing took place in the pre-dawn hours of New Year's Day 2008. The 14-year-old victim was stabbed six times and left for dead in a snowbank. Todorovic's boyfriend, whose identity is protected under Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act, pleaded guilty to first degree murder. Todorovic was tried as an adult and was sentenced to life on July 28, 2009. She will be eligible for parole after serving seven years.
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