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Teachers' Pets
November 15, 2011: California teacher Heidi Kaeslin, 35, has been put on paid administrative leave after allegations surfaced of her running several porn sites on her school-issued Apple laptop computer, with the help of police officer Richard Fields, 51, who was assigned to the school as a resource officer by the police department. Fields admitted to purchasing several of the domain names, including,, and, to develop them into websites to make money, and said he didn't think there was anything wrong with that. The domain names were registered to Kaeslin's address. Kaeslin and her attorney would not comment.

Most of the content has been taken down, but until Wednesday the About Us page on the site showcased its "I (heart) Teachers" t-shirts, which depict those words, in a logo trademarked by Fields, draped over large breasts. The site read, "This company was created by a young teacher who was inspired, after her male students spent most of the period staring at her boobs, to create the 'I (heart) Teachers' shirt. .... She thought, 'Why the hell not' and moved forward with her idea by finding a partner, a computer whiz, and a T-shirt designer. The rest is history. " Fliers were circulated promoting one of the sites.

Fields, who is now retired, is reportedly romantically linked with special education teacher Kaeslin. He says her involvement was limited, and that these exaggerated allegations are the result of her jealous husband finding out about their relationship. The husband claims that he only reported his wife's pet project after he realized its magnitude.

The school district has hired a computer expert to perform a forensic examination of the laptop. The district is investigating whether or not Kaeslin violated its code of ethics.
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