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Schoolteachers in the Slam
Ho, Ho, Horrible Idea.
Ho, Ho, Horrible Idea.
A teacher in Shawnee, OK., is under investigation after allegedly hosting a pizza party at her home during which she videotaped several third-grade girls wearing bras and panties. The investigation began when one of the girls told her parents that Kimberly Crain, 48, provided her and the other young guests with bras and panties to change into, and then filmed them dancing and decorating a Christmas tree. According to a search warrant affidavit, "Crain had all of the girls into the bedroom, one by one, and change into the bras and panties," and when two girls refused to put on bras, she told them they had to. Another student of Crain's told police that "[she] has all the kids in her class Skype over the computer with an older man wearing glasses named 'Uncle G.'" Crain resigned from McLoud Elementary School on November 28.
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