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Tased and Abused
Don Moran of Canton, Ga., is angry that police tased his autistic son while arresting him in 2008. "He was down and helpless and they just tasered him," said Moran Sr. Police had been called to a bar because of a disturbance and were told that D.J. Moran (pictured), 23, had a knife. Moran was surrounded by officers, put on the ground and cuffed when police, who knew he was autistic, tased him. "I remember just seeing the concrete and feeling them on my back," said Moran. "That's when they tased me, and I asked them please don't tase me." Moran's condition makes him particularly sensitive to touch and caused him to squirm around while officers cuffed him. Police spokesman Lt. Jeff Hall read a statement saying, "The officer used a taser when the suspect failed to cooperate by struggling and resisting, after being instructed to place his hands behind his back. The suspect only complied after the taser was used." Moran was charged with multiple felonies including a weapons charge and resisting arrest, but a jury found him innocent. This was not enough for his father who said "They're [going to] hurt somebody really, really bad one day. This thing with the tasers, they got to stop it.".

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