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You May Now Arrest the Bride: Most Ridiculous Wedding Disasters
Spicing Up His Marriage
Spicing Up His Marriage
10/06/2002: The eyes of a 28-year-old groom in Hartland, Wisconsin were full of tears at his wedding, but not from the emotional "I do" or from finally getting to slip a ring onto the finger of his beloved. No, he was crying from being pepper-sprayed repeatedly by a police officer who was dispatched to break up a fight at the wedding reception. When the officer arrived at the catering hall, a party guest was already on the floor and several fights were going on at once. The groom, who claimed to not have realized that the man in the blue uniform with the badge and the hat was a cop, shoved the officer and told him to leave. This is when the pepper-spray came out, and the groom was hauled off to jail for a time-out before being allowed to go back to his wedding night.

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