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Stripper Trouble
Child Sex Trafficking
Child Sex Trafficking
Atlanta Drag Queen Christopher Lynch, aka Pasha Nicole and stripper housemate Steven Lemery, 35, aka Steven Lang, were arrested in March 2011 for a host of charges including child sex trafficking. According to Douglass County deputies, Lemery would lure teenage boys to his home for sex via social networking sites, enter into sexual relationships with them, make them prisoners and then force then into online prostitution. Lynch, one of several housemates including Lemerey's wife, her boyfriend and their underage children, told a local news team that he felt something was wrong, had questioned the youths and discovered that they were underage and being held against their will, sometimes without food. Lynch claimed to have helped law enforcement. After the interview aired, police received numerous tips from Lynch's victims allegedly filling in his role in the crime. Lynch has several prior offenses involving sex and prostitution of minors. Further investigation revealed that Lemery's and Lynch's alleged activities went back as many as three years and that some of the victims were from other states. Deputies believe there are more victims out there whom they hope will come forward. Lynch and Lemery were indicted of charges of human trafficking and child molestation in April 1, 2011.
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