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Shocking Murder Confessions
Erik Grumpelt/Melinda Raya
Erik Grumpelt/Melinda Raya
In May 2011, Erik Grumpelt (pictured) of Mesa, Ariz., allegedly had a dispute with his girlfriend, Melinda Raya (inset), which ended in violence. Grumpelt allegedly struck Raya several times in the abdomen, killing her. When he realized she was dead, Grumpelt, rather than attempting somehow to dispose of the body, opted instead to hide the body under his bed. Neighbors noticed a "sewery" smell around the apartment complex, but no one connected Grumpelt to anything criminal. Finally, in late July 2011, Grumpelt sent a letter to his father confessing the crime, and then attempted suicide by overdosing on drugs. Grumpelt's father notified authorities, who found Raya's body and a semiconscious Grumpelt in the apartment.

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