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Shocking Murder Confessions
Christine Billis/Charles Billis
Christine Billis/Charles Billis
On a clear, sunny day in September 2009, Christine Billis (pictured) was driving with her husband Charles (inset) in Charleston, Vt., when the car suddenly swerved into a towering pine tree. Investigators attributed the crash to a previously undiagnosed medical condition that they believed caused Christine to black out at the wheel. Christine, who was belted in, was treated for minor injuries; Charles, unbelted, was badly injured and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Less than a year later, the truth came to light when Christine registered with an online dating service and began corresponding with one Kevin Leland. Christine and Kevin were still in the getting-to-know-you phase, chatting online, when Christine unburdened herself, allegedly confessing that the wreck had been no accident. Christine, noting that her husband was unbelted, had slammed the car deliberately into the tree. The new boyfriend, understandably perturbed by the fate of his predecessor, donned a recording device at their first face-to-face meeting, and Christine repeated her confession. The boyfriend took the tape to police who began their own investigation, obtaining confirming confessions at subsequent meetings on police wires. In June 2011, Christine was arrested for first-degree murder in the killing of her husband.
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