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Léopold Dion
Léopold Dion
Canadian Léopold Dion (pictured), aka the Monster of Pont-Rouge, was a serial killer and rapist in 1960s Québec, who, posing as a photographer, would lure young boys to secluded places and rape them. On four known occasions he also smothered or strangled them when he was done, and buried the bodies. He is known to have raped 21 people. His known murder victims are Guy Luckenuck, 12, Alain Carrier, 8, Michel Morel, 10, and Pierre Marquis, 13. Dion was arrest after one of his intended victims ran away and called police. On probation for raping a schoolteacher, he was held until, after about a month, he confessed to the murders, and led police to the children's graves.

Despite Dion's confession and knowledge of the victims' graves, his lawyer, Guy Bertrand, managed to get all but one murder charge dropped for lack of evidence. Dion was convicted of the murder of Pierre Marquis, and sentenced on April 10, 1964, to death by hanging, a sentence that was later commuted by the governor to life in prison. On November 17, 1972, Dion was stabbed to death by fellow-inmate Normand "Lawrence d'Arabie" Champagne, who was tried for Dion's murder and found not guilty by reason of insanity.
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