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Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer (right) was a Wisconsin serial killer, necrophile, cannibal and convicted pedophile, who killed 17 men and boys mostly by drugging and strangling them. He is infamous for having sex with his victims' bodies, keeping mummified trophies and eating the victims' remains, which he said gave him an erection. Dahmer was having fantasies about killing men and having sex with the bodies by the time he was 14, but he didn't commit his first murder until 1978, when he was 18. Dahmer picked up hitchhiker Steven Hicks, got drunk with him, had sex with him and bludgeoned the young man to death when he tried to leave. Dahmer cut up the body and scattered the pieces. In 1987 he woke from a drunken stupor after a night of casual sex with Steve Toumi, to find that he had killed him. This time he had his fun with the body before dismembering it, and disposing of the pieces in the garbage. Dahmer was briefly incarcerated in September 1988 for drugging and sexually fondling a Laotian boy, 13. The killing began again after his release, and continued until Dahmer's July 22, 1991, capture, when his intended victim attacked him, ran away and summoned police.

One look at Dahmer's apartment and refrigerator was enough to convince people of the heinousness of his crimes, but since Wisconsin is not a death penalty state Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison, where he soon found God and survived the first attempt on his life. Another inmate tried to cut his throat with a razor, but Dahmer escaped with only superficial injuries. Unlike most serial killers, who are believed to hunt within their own ethnic group, Dahmer preferred to hunt minorities, a fact that may have led to his begin targeted in prison for murder. On November 28, 1994, Dahmer and another inmate were beaten to death with a broom handle by inmate Christopher Scarver (inset), 25, who was known to have hostility towards whites. Scarver later described the killings as, "the work of God."
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