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Serial Killers Killed in Prison
Daniel Camargo Barbosa
Daniel Camargo Barbosa
Daniel Camargo Barbosa (pictured), aka the Chanquito Sadist, aka Beast of the Mangroves, a serial killer from Colombia, South America, got his start with his true love, Esperanza, who, though flawed in his eyes for not being a virgin, was acceptable to him as long as she lured and drugged young virgins for him to rape. She was his willing accomplice in five such rapes, until one victim went to the police. They were both imprisoned, Camargo for 8 years, which apparently he felt was unfair, in fact, he was so resentful that, after his incarceration, he made sure that none of his victims would survive to inform on him. He committed his first known murder in 1974, and was quickly caught when he returned to the scene of the crime.

He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but escaped in 1984 to Ecuador where he lived in the street and began raping and killing young girls in earnest, racking up at least 54 victims in two years, so many that police thought it had to be the work of a gang, not suspecting a serial killer. He is said to have preferred virgins because he loved that they cried when he raped them. He was arrested for the murder of Elizabeth Telpes, 9, and confessed to having killed 71 girls, though he is thought to have killed as many as 150. Camargo lured his young victims with pens, some with candy, others with requests for help delivering an important package to a pastor. They were brutally raped and hacked to death with a machete. Camargo was convicted in Ecuador and given the maximum sentence: a whopping 16 years. On November 13, 1994, Camargo was murdered by another inmate, Luis Masache Narvaez, the cousin of one of Camargo's many young victims. After killing Camargo, Masache reportedly cut off the serial killer's ear as a trophy.
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