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Geezer Terror Cell
Geezer Terror Cell
Four Georgia senior citizens were arrested by F.B.I. on November 1, 2011, for allegedly plotting to kill federal agents and judges in an effort to terrorize the nation. According to the F.B.I., Frederick Thomas, 73, Samuel Crump, 68, Ray Adams, 65, and Dan Roberts, 67, who referred to themselves as the Covert Group, were inspired by the book Absolved, by blogger and fellow senior citizen Mike Vanderboegh, 57, who believes that violent resistance is the only way to protect his ideals. His book is about a group of people that attacks the government and kills a number of its agents. The Georgia men used Absolved as a blueprint for their plan to use guns with silencers, explosives and the toxin ricin to kill government officials, regular citizens, and to destroy government buildings in Atlanta, Ga., including A.T.F. and I.R.S. offices.

Their motive for murder? "... to save this country, to save Georgia ... " Most of the planning was done over the phone and at a Waffle House in Toccoa, Ga. At one meeting Roberts told the group he had contacted someone who could make ricin, a toxin derived from the humble castor bean and deadly to humans. One milligram of ricin, ingested or inhaled, is enough to kill a human. The group planned on making ten pounds and releasing each pound in a major city as an airborne powder. The F.B.I. claims that the men had indeed gathered the necessary ingredients to make the toxin and were already planning its dispersal. Residents of the small town of Tocoa, who have known the accused for decades, are in shock. One neighbor said the men could hardly walk, let alone plot to kill anybody.
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