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Steppin' Out
Steppin' Out
Dorothy Desjardins (pictured), 87, was convinced that her husband, Peter, 88, was cheating on her with her hairdresser. She angrily confronted her husband about it on November 5, 2011, saying that the woman who did her hair claimed to be having an affair with him. He denied the affair, they argued and he went to the bedroom. Then, according to a Springfield Police Department probable cause statement, Dorothy "walked into the room with her walker, sat down on the bed that was next to his, and began to throw books at him." When she ran out of books, she picked up his .22 Ruger and started "flinging the revolver around in the air" before pulling back the hammer and firing a shot that struck her husband in the arm. Luckily, the Ruger was only loaded with birdshot, not bullets, and surgery was not necessary. When asked why she did it, Dorothy reportedly said that she had only "intended to scare the shit out of him" and "just went a little bit beserk" since "he was stepping out on me, and I just got pissed off."
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