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Self-Defense — Or Not?
Jerome Ersland
Jerome Ersland
Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland (inset), 59, was held up in his store by two armed young men in May 2009. He shot one, Antwun Parker, 16, in the head, and chased away the other one, Jevontai Ingram, 14. He was considered a hero who defended himself and his employees, until surveillance footage (pictured) revealed that after Ersland had chased away the second gunman, he had returned to the store, retrieved a second gun from behind the counter and used it to pump five more rounds into the wounded Parker, killing him. Ersland was tried for Parker's murder and found guilty. The verdict stunned his supporters. Ersland was sentenced to life in prison. Though his lawyer pleaded for a suspended sentence, the judge refused the request.

Surveillance footage
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