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Pizza with Everything
Pizza with Everything
The Domino's Pizza chain suffered an international black eye in April 2009 when two employees of a franchise in Conover, N.C., videotaped themselves, in the words of The Charlotte Observer, "sneezing on food, putting food in their noses and then on a pizza, and performing other unsanitary actions." The Youtube video became an Internet phenomenon, drawing millions of hits and driving down Domino's stock price. Domino's President released a video apologizing for the breakdown in their procedures and condemning the actions of the employees, who were summarily fired. Public opinion gradually recovered, but too late for the franchise at which the video had been shot; it closed its doors in September 2009. The two employees who made the video were charged with distributing tampered food, a felony. One employee, Michael Anthony Setzer (pictured), entered a no-contest Alford plea in March 2010, receiving 24 months probation; the other, Kristy Lynn Hammonds, is still awaiting trial.
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