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Rough and Tumble
On March 30, 2012, an Indiana man was assaulted by his on-again-off-again ex, Christina L. Reber, 44, when she entered his home, uninvited and reeking of alcohol. According to the police report, Reber shouted, "Call the fucking police!" and lunged at him, slapping him as he grabbed her to fend off her blows. It was at that point that she grabbed his scrotum and "began squeezing as hard as she could" and "digging in her fingers." After they fell to the floor, with the victim in purported agony, he was able to pry his scrotum free of her clenched fist, at which point Reber left. The victim, who was covered in his own blood, called the ambulance and was found by medical responders to have suffered "a wide tear on his scrotum," part of which had been "completely torn loose from his body." Paramedics photographed the injuries, noting that there were no marks on his face from Reber's slaps. Police caught up with Reber at her home on April 1, and, after admitting her elderly father to a nursing home, arrested her for felony residential entry, misdemeanor domestic battery, and felony aggravated battery.

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