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Worst Roommates
Ian Suazo
Ian Suazo
Jan. 13, 2009: Ian Suazo pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to a murder charge for the stabbing death of his roommate, Ocie Raines, 24. According to his attorney, Suazo, 22, was suffering from the onset of schizophrenia and had no memory of stabbing Raines in their Pacific Beach, Calif., apartment. After the attack, Suazo allegedly turned the murder weapon on himself and cut his wrists, before running into traffic and being struck by a vehicle. Suazo told police that he had used some cocaine with Raines, and then saw Raines' body on the floor, but doesn't remember killing him. Suazo was convicted of second degree murder in March, 2010. His sentencing was repeatedly posponed while lawyers prepared to request a new trial based on Suazo's mental competency.
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