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Bobby Batiste
Bobby Batiste
March 7, 2008: It was the day before Spring Break on the campus of Mississippi State University when sophomore Andreas Galanis, 28 discovered someone had rung up $4,507 of unauthorized charges on his debit card. Galanis suspected his roommate Bobby Batiste, a 29-year-old senior, and confronted him about it. When Galanis did not arrive at his mother's home in Biloxi the next day, she called the Starkville, Miss., police and insisted they do a welfare check at the apartment. When a deputy gained entrance to Galanis' bedroom, he was shocked at the macabre scene: Blood was spattered on the walls and ceiling and pooled on the floor. Law enforcement immediately turned to Bobby Batiste, the only person in the apartment when deputies arrived. Galanis' bloody, battered corpse was found in a wheelbarrow in an empty bedroom his skull had been fractured by a blunt object. Hours later, Batiste gave a videotaped confession to authorities. In 2009, Batiste was tried and given the ultimate penalty. He currently awaits his fate on Mississippi's death row.
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