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Robert Champion's Hazing Death
Or Hazing Homicide?
Or Hazing Homicide?
Rumors of hazing spread across social networking sites like wild fire, and some of Champion's bandmates told the family what they believed had happened. reported that Champion had been forced to run a "gauntlet" composed of band members who each hit or punched him for allegedly having dropped his baton during the half-time show. The sheriff's office announced that Champion had been seen throwing up in the parking lot before getting on the bus, and had been complaining of difficulty breathing. Still more speculation surfaced in January 2012 when his parents announced that they had been told by witnesses that their son had been severely hazed because he was known to be against the band's longtime culture of hazing. Other witnesses allegedly told his family the he had been hazed for being gay, and still others said it was because he was a candidate for chief drum major. His family believes it was the first time he was hazed.
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