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Yung Berg
Yung Berg
September 2010: According to police, rapper Yung Berg (pictured), aka Christian Ward, was one of several victims of a robbery at a house party in Los Angeles. Reports indicated that Yung Berg was one of two guests who were pistol-whipped. His massive diamond-encrusted Batman pendant and chain were reportedly one of the items stolen. Police are searching for one male and two women in connection with the robbery. Berg denies having been pistol-whipped. UK rap artist Rowdy-T claimed responsibility for the theft in a video on the Internet in which The UK rapper seems to be wearing the jewelry in question. In 2008, Berg was assaulted in a Detroit club by rapper Trick Trick's brother, and robbed of his jewel-encrusted Transformers chain. Trick's brother released photos of himself wearing the stolen chain. Trick called a local radio station and claimed to have tried to stop the attack. There was no comment from Berg, but he canceled his appearance on Detroit's Hot 102.7's Summer Jam.
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