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Sentenced to Rehab
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
On September 17, 2010, Lindsay Lohan, who had been released early from court ordered rehab, failed a random drug test. According to an unnamed friend, Lohan did all she could to get released early and really did not use or benefit from the program, "She's exactly the same girl as before jail time and rehab."

The first sign that Lohan had a drug problem was in January 2007 when she checked herself into the Wonderland Center rehab center after a string of incidents led to her suspension from the media campaign for 2005's Herbie: Fully Loaded for "un-Disney-like behavior" and rumors of her hard-partying night-life led to negative speculation about her bouts of exhaustion during filming of Georgia Rule in 2006. She did a month-long stint there but struggled to stay clean, losing at least two roles in the next two months.

But her real problems began in May 2007, when Lohan was arrested in Santa Monica for driving under the influence after losing control of her car and running over a curb. She entered the Promises Treatment rehab facility for a 45-day hitch. Within two weeks of her discharge, she was cited for felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. When asked about the drug-filled container in her jeans pocket, she said she hadn't been doing drugs and the clothes weren't even hers. Authorities didn't buy either excuse.

Lohan pleaded guilty in late August 2007 and checked herself into rehab a third time, for a six-week stay and served just over an hour in jail as part of her plea-deal in November 2007, along with three years probation, lengthened to four in 2009 after Lohan began missing substance-abuse counseling classes.

As a result she was scheduled for a court appearance in May 2010, which she missed because she allegedly lost her passport. Judge Marsha Revel noted that a U.S. passport could have been replaced in hours if Lohan had reported it. The judge also requested proof that Lohan even had a return ticket for that date as she claimed. Lohan also missed her last alcohol counseling session because, according to her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, her uncle died. But when asked if she had attended the funeral, Holley said, "She did not." Lohan's probation was revoked, and a bench warrant issued for her arrest but withdrawn after her lawyers posted bail. The Judge also ordered a hearing to determine whether Lohan had violated her probation by persistently missing her substance-abuse treatment classes.

On July 6, 2010, the judge determined that Lohan was indeed in violation of her probation and sentenced her to 90 days in jail beginning July 20 followed by three months of in-patient rehab upon her release. On July 20, Lohan reported as scheduled, and began her sentence, which due to overcrowding in California jails, was reduced to less that two weeks. Lohan was also released early from rehab and passed her random drug tests until September 17.
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