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Nicholas Payne
Nicholas Payne
A cast member on History's reality series Swamp People was arrested in St. Tammany Parish, LA., on September 23 on charges of disturbing the peace, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer and being a fugitive from another state. Reports say Nicholas Payne, 26, was locked out of his house by his wife and was yelling to get back in. Neighbors called in a complaint, and police arrived, told Payne to settle down and left without making an arrest. An hour later, another complaint was phoned in and cops had to come back to the residence. This time, a deputy decided to issue Payne a summons, but as he was writing it, Payne allegedly hit him in the chest and ran away.
When Payne was arrested, police discovered that he had an outstanding warrant from Florida stemming from drug paraphernalia charges. He is being held on $10,000 bond for the St. Tammany arrest, and without bond on the Florida warrant.
In Swamp People, which chronicles the lives of alligator hunters in the swamps of Louisiana, Payne acted as apprentice to gator hunting master Bruce Mitchell.

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