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Atlanta: The Gold Club
Atlanta: The Gold Club
The Gold Club, according to investigators, wasn't just the strip club it claimed to be. In 1999 federal prosecutors accused club owner Steve Kaplan (pictured) of using the club as a front for money laundering and prostitution and extorting its customers. The prosecution argued that Kaplan was an associate of the Gambino crime family and that he and his employees had not only been condoning paid sex, but that he had defrauded customers paying by credit card and used the money to pay off the police. Prosecutors called a number of athletes (including Patrick Ewing and Terrell Davis) as witnesses, and the defense also claimed Dennis Rodman, Madonna, Stephen Baldwin, Bill Gates and Ted Turner as the strip club's patrons. Employees claimed that any sex that might have occurred at the club wasn't being bought or sold, but that some of workers just happened to have sex with customers to encourage them to buy more bottles of champagne.
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