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Anne Louise Gordon
Anne Louise Gordon
On her profile, 52-year-old Gordon describes herself as a "sensitive and caring, Christian lady seeks friendship and fellowship to ease the loneliness in prison."

While awaiting her murder trial, Gordon maintained her innocence and wrote letters in hoped that her trial date would come sooner. However, when a date was finally set after four years of waiting, Gordon decided to plead guilty to the murders of two Lexington County, SC., senior citizens. Viola Pearle Neal, 80, was stabbed 27 times, shot and set ablaze. Exactly seven months later, 63-year-old L.H. Tindall was killed, shot through the head like Davis. The murders were believed to be motivated by drug addiction. Gordon, whose guilty plea was intended to avoid the death penalty, is currently serving a life sentence at Leah Correctional Institution in Greenwood, SC.
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