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Pretty But Deadly
Omaima Nelson
Omaima Nelson
A former model from Egypt, the striking Omaima Nelson had a Thanksgiving to remember in 1991. Then 23, Omaima killed William Nelson, 56, her husband of less than a month, with a pair of scissors. Then, wearing a red hat, red shoes, a red dress and red lipstick, Omaima cut up his body and churned parts of it in the garbage disposal, which neighbors in their Santa Ana, CA., condo complex said ran nonstop for hours after the killing. Omaima admitted to cooking William's ribs and eating them with barbeque sauce. She also skinned his torso, breaded and fried his hands and boiled his head. Omaima bagged the parts of him she couldn't eat or grind up, and drove them to various ex-boyfriend's houses, offering $75,000 to help dispose of them.

As part of her defense, her attorney argued that Omaima had undergone female genital mutilation as a child in Egypt, which made sex unbearably painful for her. In the weeks that she and William, a former drug smuggler and pilot, had been married, he repeatedly raped her despite her pleas. She was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Her latest bid for parole in 2011 was denied. While in prison, Omaima married an elderly man who has since died. She told the parole board, "We had three-day conjugal visits. There were knives in the kitchen. He never felt threatened or endangered in any way. I loved him so much."
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