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Pretty But Deadly
Deidre Hunt
Deidre Hunt
In 1989, Deidre hunt was a slim 20-year-old bartender working at Top Shots, a Daytona Beach pool hall owned by Kosta Fotopoulos. Kosta was 30 and married to Lisa Fotopoulos, the owner of several lucrative businesses. Though he was tired of Lisa, Kosta didn't want to leave her -- that would mean losing out on her money.

Instead, Kosta began an affair with Deidre. Together the two lured Kevin Ramsey, 19, to a shooting range, telling him he would be inducted into a club. Ramsey, who also worked at Top Shots, had been demanding more money and threatening to expose Kosta's counterfeit money scheme. Saying he'd kill her if she didn't comply, Kosta videotaped as Deidre tied Kevin to a tree and shot him three times in the chest with a .22 pistol. Then, with the camera still rolling, she ran up to the tree and shot him point-blank in the temple.

When Lisa found out that her husband was cheating on her with the young and spunky Deidre and threatened to leave him, Kosta decided he had no choice but to kill her. Using the tape as blackmail, Kosta convinced Deidre to hire someone to kill Lisa. Enticed by the promise of a cut of Lisa's $700,000 insurance policy, 18-year-old Bryan Chase agreed to do the job. On the agreed-upon night, Chase entered the Fotopoulos home and shot Lisa once in the head as she lay in bed. Kostas, never intending to pay Chase a cent, sat up in the bed and shot Chase multiple times, killing him.

Kostas and Deidre were both sentenced to death. Deidre, 21 at the time of her trial, wept as the judge announced her fate: to die in Florida's electric chair. In 1998, her sentence was reduced to life in prison. Now 43, she maintains a website seeking pen pals. Kostas remains on death row, where he continues to appeal for a reduced sentence. Lisa survived the shooting but the bullet remains lodged in her head. She has since remarried.
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