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Firetruck Porn
Firetruck Porn
Los Angeles firefighters are under investigation after allegedly assisting in the production of a porn film. In the video, made by the Brazzers adult entertainment company, porn actress Charley Chase (above) is seen parading semi-nude around Venice Beach, before climbing on LAFD Engine 263 and continuing to expose herself and pose in a provocative manner. The firetruck was parked across two handicapped spots, which violates department policy, and it appears that it was placed there deliberately to facilitate the filming. What seems to be a group of firefighters can be seen on the video observing the production, and one even says on camera, "I know them, I'm a firefighter."

According to what a fire department insider reportedly told NBC4 LA, the porno shoot was set up in advance between the film crew and firefighters. An internal affairs investigation is underway to determine who is responsible for the violations of policy, which states firefighters must "operate apparatus in a way that does not compromise the reputation of the department."

In April two LA Department of Transportation parking enforcement officers were sanctioned after appearing in a porn movie while on duty.
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