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Dr. Death
Dr. Death
Fugitive French doctor Michel Mauré, then 59, was arrested in Spain in August 2008, following an international manhunt. Mauré had gone on the run after a court in Marseilles, France, found him guilty of mutilating and endangering the lives of 90 women. He fled on his yacht while on bail. Mauré, who was an anesthesiologist by training, performed surgeries legally because of a loophole in French law that was not closed until 2002. He, however, continued his practice, operating under dirty conditions, without nearly enough anesthetic to spare his patients the agony of the surgery. One plaintiff awoke to find her breast implant had slid to her armpit, another found her shoes filling with blood as she drove home from a horrific liposuction procedure. He was dubbed Dr. Death by the French media. He told police at the time of his 2004 arrest that, "The plaintiffs are women who refused to pay for their operation, simple thieves." French prosecutors charged him with performing 96 illegal procedures, though initially he boasted of performing as many as 300, saying, at the time, that he was merely the victim of jealous rivals. He was found guilty of illegal practice, endangering life and wounding in September 2008. Court official Vincent Turbeaux read Maruré's verdict saying, "He practiced garage medicine. The court sentences him to four years in prison, including one year suspended, and he is obliged to compensate his victims."
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