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It Burned its Way Back Out
It Burned its Way Back Out
Loretta Cheek of Greensboro, N.C., was arrested on December 8, 2011, for administering butt injections to an exotic dancer, in an unlicensed clinic she was operating out of a Motel 6. This is the same Cheek whose 2008 butt injections left three women with kidney failure. It is not known what the 2008 injections, which cost victims $500 each, contained. This most recent $1000 injection, according to Guilford County Sheriff's Det. Craig Cotton, "basically burned its way back out Being a liquid or gel-type of material, it kind of went in different directions and obviously got infected and left pretty significant scarring."

Cheek was charged with one misdemeanor count of practicing medicine without a license, and with allegedly injecting an exotic dancer's backside with a disfiguring potion. She was released on probation, and faces up to 45 days in jail if convicted.
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