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Cold-Blooded Murder
Cold-Blooded Murder
Chicago attorney Fredrick Goings (pictured), 36, was charged in 2009 with the January 24 murders of Nova Henry, 24, former girlfriend of New York Knicks player Eddy Curry, and her ten-month-old daughter, Ava. The coroners determined that both victims died of multiple gunshot wounds. Later DNA tests would confirm that Ava Henry was Curry's daughter. Henry met Goings when he represented her in a paternity suit against Curry. Prosecutors allege that Goings, who was in a relationship with Henry, was abusive and controlling and that there was a dispute between the two regarding $23,500 in legal fees. Though Henry had left Goings a month before the murders, "He refused to let it end," Cook County Assistant State's Attorney John Dillon said. "Friends and family related that he had intended to kill her."
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