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New Mexico: Chimayo Murders
New Mexico: Chimayo Murders
Killed: 7; Injured: 1

Described as a prolific hunter by neighbors in the rural town of Chimayo, Ricky Abeyta (pictured), 29, shot and killed two police officers, his girlfriend Ignacita Sandoval, 36, her 19-year-old daughter Maryellen, Maryellen's 6-month-old son, the baby's father and another woman on January 27, 1991. Ignacita's 13-year-old son suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound. The two police shot by Abeyta had arrived to serve him a restraining order requested by Ignacita, who by then had already been killed. After committing the murders, Abeyta fled into the hills, prompting police to mount a foot and helicopter search for the armed killer. After his capture, Abeyta was convicted of the murders and sentenced to 146 years in prison.
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