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San Jose, CA<br />The Brooke Hart Kidnapping
San Jose, CA
The Brooke Hart Kidnapping
The 1932 Lindbergh kidnapping gave copycat criminals across the U.S. a tempting idea to make apparently easy money during the Great Depression. Department store heir Brooke Hart (left) was an especially unlucky victim of such a copycat scheme. A series of complex ransom notes failed to secure the $40,000 his captors wanted. And their capture failed to give the Harts their son: Harold Thurmonde (bottom right) and Jack Holmes (top right) had killed the young man and dumped him into San Francisco Bay just hours after abducting him in front of his family's store in San Jose, then a quiet farming town. When Hart's body was finally found, his neighbors were so angry about his death and the rumors that the duo would plead insanity that a mob of thousands broke into the jailhouse, dragged the killers to the park across the street, and hanged them.

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