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Dallas, TX<br />Charles Albright: The Texas Eyeball Serial Killer
Dallas, TX
Charles Albright: The Texas Eyeball Serial Killer
During the winter of 1990-91, Dallas police confronted a curious series of dead bodies. Three women were discovered dead a month or two apart; each had worked as a prostitute, and each was found nearly naked, beaten, and shot. And each woman's eyeballs had been removed as a souvenir. When other women reported that Charles Albright (right) had attacked them, police were able to use forensic evidence to link him to the murders. He was a small-time crook who'd forged documents to get work as a teacher. When he married his second wife, he told her he had a paper route; it was the perfect cover to spend his mornings visiting and killing prostitutes. (top left Shirley Williams, bottom Mary Lou Pratt)

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