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San Diego, CA<br />James Oliver Huberty and the San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre
San Diego, CA
James Oliver Huberty and the San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre
Back east, James Oliver Huberty (right) grew up on a farm, married, worked as a mortician and a welder—then his paranoid fantasies about international bankers and the Soviets drove him to move his family and a stockpile of guns to the California-Mexico border. On July 18, 1984, he took his family to the San Diego Zoo. Afterward he told his wife that he was going "hunting humans" and went to a McDonald's in San Ysidro (left bottom and top). Armed with three guns, Huberty killed 21 people and wounded 19 more, before a SWAT team sniper felled him. His wife later attempted to blame Huberty's actions on McDonald's use of MSG, and unsuccessfully sued.

Huberty's shooting spree seems to have inspired Sylvia Seegrist's rampage at Philadelphia's Springfield Mall, as well as George Hennard's attack at Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas.
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