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Chicago, IL<br />H.H. Holmes
Chicago, IL
H.H. Holmes
H.H. Holmes (left) took advantage of Chicago's 1893 World's Fair to establish an unusual career in hospitality: He built a hotel where guests checked in but didn't check out. The insurance crook constructed hidden passages and secret stairways, trap doors, chutes plunging to the basement, a staircase that opened to the alley below. More ominously, the hotel held asphyxiation champers, a dissecting table and a crematory. Holmes tortured and killed at least 27, but possibly hundreds, of innocents lured by the big city exposition's electricity, Ferris wheel, moving pictures and hamburgers. He even killed one of his two wives and his business partner before being hanged in 1895. (right, Nellie Pitezel)

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