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Los Angeles, CA<br />The Hillside Stranglers
Los Angeles, CA
The Hillside Stranglers
When the corpses of women who'd been tied up and raped started turning up in hillside ravines in 1977, police knew that Los Angeles had a serial killer on its hands; there turned out to be two of them. The big break in the case came in 1979 when security guard Kenneth Bianchi (bottom right) was implicated in the disappearance of two young women in Bellingham, Wash. Cops there found that Bianchi was a recent transplant from Los Angeles, and they recalled the Hillside Strangler case. With his older cousin, car-thief and rapist Angelo Buono (top right), Bianchi had gone into the pimp business. One of their early victims was a prostitute who'd wronged them, but the cousins killed and tortured simply because they enjoyed it. Bianchi tried to dodge justice by faking multiple personality disorder, and by getting his girlfriend to attempt a copycat murder that was supposed to exonerate him; he also tried to renege on the plea bargain that required he testify against his cousin. Both men were convicted. (left top Sonja Jonson, bottom Dolores Cepeda)

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