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Detroit, MI<br />John Eric Armstrong, Strangler-Sailor
Detroit, MI
John Eric Armstrong, Strangler-Sailor
The capital of America's auto industry is also a maritime city, and it was the last port of call for an aircraft refueler alleged to have killed as many as 30 women in six countries and four states during and after his stint in the Navy. A giant of a man reportedly driven to violence by the voices in his head, John Eric Armstrong (right) washed up in Detroit in 1999, and allegedly strangled a series of prostitutes. He even reported one of their corpses to police, saying he spotted the body as he leaned over a bridge rail to puke in the Rouge River. When police finally arrested Armstrong, he remorsefully confessed that he'd killed or tried to kill every prostitute with whom he'd ever had sex. His arrest spurred police across the world to reopen old cases, trying to match unsolved murders with the itinerary of the USS Nimitz (left), the carrier on which Armstrong had served.

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