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Roy DeMeo and the Gemini Method
Roy DeMeo and the Gemini Method
Gambino family member and feared killer Roy DeMeo is notorious for heading a crew of professional murderers who carried out killings using the "Gemini Method." Named after the Gemini Lounge, DeMeo's bar in Brooklyn, the method was the way in which DeMeo and his crew made, according to the FBI's estimates, between 75 and 200 people "disappear." The intended victim was usually lured into the apartment behind the bar, then shot by DeMeo using a silenced pistol. After the shooting, a towel was immediately wrapped around the victim's head to absorb the blood. Then, the victim was stabbed in the heart and left in the bathroom until enough blood had been drained out to begin dismemberment. The parts of the body, in bags and boxes, would be sent to a local dump, where they were unlikely to ever be found. It remains unclear who is responsible for DeMeo's 1983 shooting death — notorious hit man Richard "Ice Man" Kuklinski, who used to carry out contract killings for DeMeo, claimed to have killed him, while Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso claims that Joseph Testa and Anthony Senter killed DeMeo under Casso's orders, handed down to him by John Gotti.

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