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Snatched by a Stranger
Out of Gas
Out of Gas
Brandi Ellen Wells left her mother's house in Tyler that night and told her she was going to a nightclub. Her mother thought she meant the nightclub just around the corner, but instead she went to Graham Central Station, a nightclub in Longview. According to employees of the nightclub, Brandi had to call for directions several times on her way there. By the time she finally arrived, her car was running on empty, so she asked some of the patrons for help. Whether or not any one obliged is unknown. Surveillance footage from the establishment shows Brandi leaving shortly after midnight. She hasn't been seen since.

Anyone with information the whereabouts of Brandi Ellen Wells should call the Longview Police Department at (903) 237-1110 or Crime Stoppers at (903) 236-7867.
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