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Snatched by a Stranger
Went to a Party
Went to a Party
Jamie Harper was last seen on the morning of Saturday, March 10, 2007, at approximately 4:30 a.m. She had attended a party the previous evening in Rantoul, Ill., and had made plans to spend the night at a friend's house. She never arrived at the friend's house and never returned home, leaving all of her possessions, including her epilepsy medication, at her residence. Harper has a pierced nose and a tattoo of a tribal design on her back.

Anyone with information in the disappearance of Jamie Harper is asked to call the Paxton Police Department at (217) 379-4315 or the Rantoul Police Department at (217) 892-2103.

The circumstances of Jaime's disappearance are similar to those of Heather Dawn Zimmerman who went missing in 1997. Police believe the two cases are connected.