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Meth Madness
Henry Arnibal
Henry Arnibal
Henry Arnibal (pictured), 38, of Morgan Hill, Calif., was arrested on November 7, 2011, for posession of methamphetamine. When deputies found Arnibal they were looking for a marijuana farm that had allegedly been on the property a year before. The marijuana plantings were mostly gone, but Arnibal was living in a trailer on the property with about 50 roosters. His possession of cockfighting gaffs, led police to conclude that the roosters were not pets, but the presence of a preserved bobcat carcass slung over a fence was not as easily explained.

It seems that Arnibal was high on meth when he killed the animal and ate it in revenge for its having eaten some of his birds. No word on whether or not he cooked it fist. According to the Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Steve Lowney, "What they found out was that, apparently the bobcat had eaten five of the roosters a day or two prior, and that the person had taken a .22 caliber rifle and shot the bobcat, and then ate the bobcat and hung it on a fence." It is not illegal to eat a bob cat, but it is illegal to kill one without a permit. All of the charges against Arnibal are misdemeanors, except the drug charge. The drugs, the roosters, the hooks and what was left of the bobcat were taken into custody as evidence.
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