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Zin, Gretna, Louisiana
Zin, Gretna, Louisiana
In July 2011, Cody Melancon (pictured), 25, filed suit against police in Gretna, Louisiana, for $31 million after a run-in with police dog Zin (inset) left Melancon with a 66% severed penis, according to his attorney, Roger Kitchens. The police report states that on May 30, 2011, officers Roland Kindell and Joseph Mekdessie were dispatched with a warrant to arrest Melancon on charges of aggravated burglary and simple battery. They were told he was not in the residence, but noticed movement in the back of the residence and released Zin, who attacked and brought down Melancon with repeated bites to the groin area. He was rushed to the hospital for medical care. Kitchens claims that the report is inaccurate. Melancon told reporters that he surrendered to police, exited the residence and was on his knees with his hands behind his head, when the dog was spurred by the officer to attack. Melancon claims the injury has caused him mental anguish, loss of sexual function and severe nerve damage.
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