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Ten Lesser-Known Serial Killers
Maury Travis
Maury Travis
Number of Victims: 12 - 20
Method of Choice: Rape, Strangulation
Area of Operation: Missouri
Date of Arrest: 06/07/2002

After his arrest, St. Louis police searched the home of Maury Travis, and were shocked by what they found. A basement set up like a torture chamber, equipped with bondage gear and a stun gun. Also discovered was a VHS tape, labeled "Your Wedding Day," on which Travis recorded himself torturing and raping his victims. He brought home prostitutes and let them smoke crack on his bed before engaging in consensual sex. He then berated them for smoking crack, and made them dance for him and call him "master." He was caught after anonymously sent a map leading to one of his victim's bodies to the police. Detectives were able to track down Travis by contacting, where the map had come from, and obtaining Travis's IP address. He is known to have killed at least 12 prostitutes, but claimed to have killed 17. On June 10, 2002, Travis hung himself in his cell.

Known Victims: Mary Shields, 61, Alysa Greenwade, 34, Teresa Wilson, 36, Betty James, 46, Verona Thompson, 36, Yvonne Crues, 50, Brenda Beasley, 33, five unidentified women.
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