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Ten Lesser-Known Serial Killers
Sean Gillis
Sean Gillis
Number of Victims: 8
Method of Choice: Rape, Mutilation, Strangulation, Stabbing
Area of Operation: Louisiana
Date of Arrest: 04/29/2004

Now serving life without the possibility of parole, Baton Rouge native Sean Gillis murdered eight women between 1994 and 2003. He stalked, abducted and raped his victims, mutilated their bodies and dumped them in drainage ditches and bayous. His final victim, 43-year-old Donna Bennett Johnston, was severely mutilated -- Gillis cut off her left nipple, cut out a tattoo on her thigh, and severed her left arm. He then photographed her body and kept the photos on his computer. These, and other photos of victims, were later used for evidence. He was less audacious with his first victim, 81-year-old Ann Bryan. After she screamed when he tried to rape her, Gillis stabbed her 50 times and left her body at the retirement home where she lived. Gillis closely followed another Baton Rouge serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee, who was operating during the same time period. While Lee targeted successful working women, Gillis was largely after prostitutes. He later told detectives that his victims were "disposable members of society."

Known Victims: Ann Bryan, 81, Katherine Ann Hall, 29, Hardee Schmidt, 52, Joyce Williams, 36, Lillian Robinson, 52, Marilyn Nevils, 38, Johnnie Mae Williams, 45, Donna Bennett Johnston, 43.
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